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C1 and C2

Digital Leadership in Schools


This course aims to empower the participants to take a leading role in both developing their school’s digital infrastructure and guiding their colleagues as they incorporate modern devices into their daily work. Starting with a foundation of relevant learning theory and the European Competency Framework, participants will explore how to plan the transformation processes while keeping their school’s goals in mind. This includes detailed insights into the technical aspects of introducing mobile devices into a school environment such as MDM systems. Furthermore, participants will learn how to qualify their colleagues with the required skills.


to be announced in June


Digital Leadership, IT-systems in schools, European Competency Framework, ICT – new technologies – digital competences, school development


Through the modules, the course will convey  the required knowledge to the participants and give them the opportunity to apply their newfound skills to a variety of real-world problems. The course is structured in a sequence of modules which model the digital transformation of a school from the very beginning to the point at which teachers not only implement the various changes, but are also supported by the participants. The topics are constantly explored from the perspectives of everyone involved in the process. 


Modul 01: Learning Theory Fundamentals

Modul 02: European Competency Framework

Modul 03: Introduction to Change Management 

Modul 04: Device Rollout

Modul 05: Digital Classroom Management

Modul 06: Introduction to Mobile Learning

Modul 07: Didactic Design: Creating learning opportunities for colleagues

Modul 08: Ressources for digital lesson materials

Modul 09: Creating digital lesson materials

Modul 10: Digital Whiteboards


  • Advance their theoretical knowledge and learn to apply it effectively in accord with the European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens „DigComp“ when planning and leading changes for their institution
  • Gain insight into mobile device management (MDM) systems as well as their concrete applications
  • Learn how to introduce mobile devices in a manner that facilitates quick and effortless integration into existing workflows
  • Create approaches that enable their colleagues to confidently use modern technologies in the classroom
  • Acquire an overview of the knowledge required of teachers that are to take part in digital transformation processes 
  • Get together with colleagues from across the EU and benefit from cultural and professional exchange while fostering a network for future international projects


fully eligible for Erasmus+ funding