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Erasmus Training Program

The Gesellschaft für digitale Bildung (GfdB) is a distinguished organization that endeavors to support schools and educational institutions in augmenting their digital infrastructure as well as teaching and learning procedures. In addition to providing the necessary equipment and software, its department Digitalakademie boasts a team of highly qualified educators with a scholarly background. This team conducts specialized professional development courses that empower teachers, trainers and lecturers to utilize digital technologies, including mobile devices and the associated applications, in a meaningful and effective way and to improve their competences and the quality of education. These courses cover a wide range of topics, from basic usage to subject-specific didactical skills  to holistically integrate technology into the classroom.

Since 2018, more than 60,000 teachers have attended over 3,000 courses conducted by the Digitalakademie in Germany. This experience and our international network offer an important value to the Erasmus+ project. It´s primary expertise lies in providing qualified, long-term guidance that facilitates lasting transformation, benefiting not only the educational institutions, but also the teachers and students involved. Prior to conducting any courses in schools, the responsible professional development expert consults with the institution to determine the most suitable topics for their goals, tailoring the courses to the school’s level of advancement.
This ensures that all educational institutions, ranging from kindergartens and primary schools to secondary and post-secondary education, have access to a continuous professional development program that is customized to their specific needs.

Concerning the structured courses, in order to support the participants, the GfdB guides and assists them by providing pedagogical and cultural preparation and clear information before and during the training, from the application until the final evaluation. After the training the participants get all documents and work results and photos, so they will have help for the dissemination phase once they are back in their school. This process of sharing the gained knowledge with other colleagues is an important phase of the learning process. This is why the GfdB puts a strong effort on helping sharing the results of the training. The GfdB puts an emphasis not only on the learning outcomes from the course content but also on the wellbeing of the participants and the social and cultural aspect of the training.

In addition to qualifying teachers on how to incorporate digital devices and software into their lessons, the Digitalakademie also offers courses and consultations for a diverse range of education professionals seeking to spearhead sustainable changes within their institutions. For example, teachers can enroll in certificate courses that enable them to manage Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems for their school or develop long-term plans for future school development. With its comprehensive range of services, the GfdB is able to cater to the needs of schools seeking to expand their digital capabilities. As a result, the GfdB has received certifications, such as being an Apple Professional Learning Provider or Microsoft Global Training Partner and formed partnerships with other companies offering educational resources like LEGO Education.

A1 to B2

Laying the foundations of your school's sustainable digital transformation

The training program consists of a combination of basic and advanced sessions that comprehensively cover competencies ranging from A1 to B2, as prescribed by the European Framework for Digital Competencies of Educators (DigiCompEdu). The training format is specifically tailored to meet the needs of teachers from a single institution, and is designed to provide continued support over an extended period of time. Regular check-ins and specific assisting tasks are included in the program to supplement the long-term approach and ensure that participants receive qualified assistance in overcoming any challenges that may arise during the training. As a result, this training program is an ideal solution for educational institutions seeking to introduce mobile devices with the added benefit of professional guidance and support for their teachers.

Modules in detail

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A1 and A2

Getting started with Mobile Devices in a School Context

One of the first steps during the introduction of mobile devices in schools is integrating them successfully into existing structures, which includes more than just the school’s IT infrastructure.

B1 and B2

Mobile devices in class - advanced skills and methods

This course focusses on expanding the participants’ knowledge about the uses of mobile devices in schools. Since the topics are geared towards intermediate users and will employ iPads as an example, participants should already possess basic knowledge about how operate them.

C1 and C2

Digital Leadership in Schools

This course aims to empower the participants to take a leading role in both developing their school’s digital infrastructure and guiding their colleagues as they incorporate modern devices into their daily work.

Choosing the right training program for your institution

A1 - B2

  • can train a large amount of your school’s teachers while taking them from the very beginnings up to the ability to utilize mobile devices in their lessons in a goal-oriented manner

  • offers long-term support while the participants are learning, ensuring that any problems along the way can be resolved

  • enables your school to implement changes in digital infrastructure at a fast and well structured pace

  • has to be paid for by the school itself

A1 - A2 / B1-B2/ C1-C2

  • can empower select teachers from your school  to become specialists that share their newfound skills with their colleagues afterwards

  • offers professional and cultural exchange opportunities with fellow teachers from across Europe

  • is fully eligible for ERAMSU+ funding

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