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Getting started with Mobile Devices in a School Context


One of the first steps during the introduction of mobile devices in schools is integrating them successfully into existing structures, which includes more than just the school’s IT infrastructure. To achieve this, every colleague needs to possess a solid knowledge foundation about how the devices function and can be employed for the everyday demands of teaching. This course is geared towards those who have very little or no knowledge about mobile devices or are unsure about how to start using them. Participants will learn not only about the basic functions, but also how to manage their files and access their school’s existing file storages. With this foundation, they will then acquire the knowledge necessary for areas relevant to all subjects such as creating lesson materials or using digital whiteboard applications.


on-site, online


IT-systems in schools, European Competency Framework, ICT – new technologies – digital competences


Through the modules, the course will convey the required knowledge to the participants and give them ample opportunities for testing them. The course is structured in a sequence of modules which feature a great deal of hands-on tasks that help the participants explore the devices and the covered topics. 


Module 01: Mobile Device Basics 

Module 02: File Management

Module 03: Digital Whiteboard Applications

Module 04: Introduction to Digital Learning Materials on Mobile Devices

Module 05: Worksheets and other text-based Documents

Module 06: Creative Uses of Presentation Apps

Module 07: Classroom Management on Mobile Devices


  • Achieve proficiency in the everyday use of mobile devices, ensuring that they can be integrated effortlessly into teacher’s daily work
  • Learn how to create learning materials on mobile devices which can be used both in print and digital forms
  • Get together with colleagues from across the EU and benefit from cultural and professional exchange while fostering a network for future international projects


fully eligible for Erasmus+ funding

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