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B1 and B2

Mobile devices in class - advanced skills and methods


This course focusses on expanding the participants’ knowledge about the uses of mobile devices in schools. Since the topics are geared towards intermediate users and will employ iPads as an example, participants should already possess basic knowledge about how operate them. The main focus of the topics lies in the competency areas B1 and B2 of the DigiCompEdu Progression Model. Through the various modules, teachers will learn to expand their horizon with regards to their usage of mobile devices, diversifying their repertoire and learning to apply their skills meaningfully. At the end of the course, the participants will be able to effectively plan ahead and supervise long-term projects at their school.


to be announced in June


Mobile devices in schools, European Competency Framework, ICT – new technologies – digital competences


Through the modules, the course will convey  the required knowledge to the participants and give them the opportunity to apply their newfound skills to a variety of real-world problems. The course is structured in a sequence of modules which focus on using iPads in accordance to the competencies B1 and B2 as outlined in the DigicompEdu Progression model. The topics are mainly explored through the perspective of teachers as well as students. 


Module 01: Creative use of mobile devices in school

Module 02: Methods for collaborative work

Module 03: Creating videos in class 

Module 04: Sound recordings 

Module 05: Media competency

Module 06: Data safety in school

Module 07: Planning and executing long-term projects


  • Expand their capabilities of using mobile devices for planning and executing lessons
  • Learn strategies for the use of mobile devices that extends beyond basic processing of lesson materials
  • Gain insight into methods for the creation of long-term projects involving mobile devices in the classroom
  • Broaden their knowledge about digital media and learn how to foster competency about them in a safe manner
  • Get together with colleagues from across the EU and benefit from cultural and professional exchange while fostering a network for future international projects


fully eligible for Erasmus+ funding